Which betting site should I sign up for?

The question is as old as the betting sites that have flooded the internet:

which site should I subscribe to and which is the most suitable for me? The options available to players from all over the world, but also from Kenya, are many and each offers more or less the same products and the same services. With a closer look though, players will find that there are several differences, especially in the variety of bets and the quality of services offered by each betting platform.
For this reason, players need to focus on some key areas and compare what each website has to offer in order to find and sign up for one that best meets their needs.

bet in KenyaReliability and security

These two areas are also the most important before you decide to sign up for a betting website. Especially in the vast world of the internet, where anyone can open a bet of dubious quality, the risks are many. For this reason, players should only choose legal bets, which have obtained the necessary license in their country of residence, but also in the Greek market. These websites are controlled and accountable to the competent authorities, while they are obliged to comply with the strictest security measures.

Options and odds

Two more key areas that are essential to your business are the variety of options and the amount of odds. Each betting site covers a different number of sporting events and betting markets and, of course, the greater the variety the better. Players should check if a bet covers their favorite sport, popular and non-popular tournaments, as well as a large number of markets. Apart from the usual markets, however, they should also look for some different ones, such as special bets, long-term bets, and others. They are minor bets, but they also offer profit-winning opportunities that should not be overlooked.

In addition, they should be looking for the best possible returns in order to claim more profits with the lowest possible risk. The odds depend on the commission of each bet (the rake) and the lower it is the higher the odds.


Some services are more useful in the betting process, but they all offer something more to the betting experience. For example, it is necessary for a website to offer many ways of trading (which are done immediately and safely), but also ancillary services, such as statistics and live results. In addition, some services, such as cash-out *, betting demand *, coupon creation *, and the ability to place parole with points from the same match are now not only popular but for many and necessary. The same goes for relatively recent services, such as the ability to bet via mobile or tablet.


bet in Kenya announces offers for its members, but not all offers are equally advantageous. Some are accompanied by many conditions that deprive them of value, while others are not suitable for all players. This is why every player should choose the bet with the offers * that are best cut and sewn to his measurements. Some promotions * that are now considered necessary by all players are the 0% rake **, the enhancement of right column profits *, and the reduction of risk in selected matches * and bets.

In any case, players should carefully read the terms and conditions of each offer * to make sure it really suits them.

Live betting and live streaming *

Live betting is almost more popular than pre-match betting and all websites offer this feature through the live betting platform. But not every platform is the same. Players need to make sure that it covers several tournaments and offers many markets so that they have more betting opportunities. In addition, they should check their operation in areas such as speed, since every second count in the live bet.

Another basic condition in live betting is to be informed about the developments in each match. Many bettors report scores, time, and statistics through graphics, the best betting websites follow developments on the court more closely. But huge help is the live streaming, through which the matches are broadcast live via video. Live streaming * is now a prerequisite for any site that wants to offer high quality live betting. However, there are various types of live streaming betting here, some offer a few live streaming options and others more.

Customer service

Customer service is one of those services that a player will rarely need, but if he needs it he should offer the best possible quality. If a problem or question arises, the player should be able to contact customer service immediately and with the utmost ease. For this reason, you should choose a bookmaker whose customer service department will operate as many hours as possible if possible 24/7. In addition, he should be able to communicate in Bantu Swahili and English (another advantage of legal bettors, who are forced to speak Bantu Swahili), but also to communicate in as many ways as possible.

Some websites, for example, offer basic communication features (e-mail and phone), while others also offer live chat services. Some others have even more ways, such as Viber, Whatsapp, Skype, or Facebook Messenger.

All the above areas are basic criteria for choosing a betting website. Which one a player will base more on and which one less will depend on his own needs and tastes. For this he should do research, comparing the services of each betting in the areas that interest him most, but also to look for internet reviews, either from professionals of the genre or from players who have already tried what each website offers.


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