Top 10 betting tips for 2019

Top 10 betting tips for 2019

Sports betting has come a long way over the years, and as any betting man or woman will tell you, there are ways to bet better. Especially considering the many ways there are to bet and the plethora of sites and mobile applications that offer you every possible odd and spread imaginable.

Top Tips for Betting

If you are looking for the best ways the bet in 2019, there are many. Just about every betting portal has their Top Tips for betting using their services and functionality. On top of that, these tips are updated every year. If you have been in the betting world for some time, you might have noticed that there are certain tips that repeat themselves year on year and those that are pervasive across platforms and available sports and games.

When you are looking for the top betting tips for 2019, you might do well in looking at what has consistently worked over the years and devise a betting strategy from that. That includes considering that, some users are new to the betting community and those that are “old-hats” at betting in the modern world.

With everything that is happening in the world both economic and political, getting your sports betting finely tuned requires you to have a good mix of both traditional and new strategies. Here are the most useful and profitable tips for betting in 2019.

Betting in 2019

  1. Getting back to Basics

This means simply that there are a few key rules that should always be at the core of your betting behaviour. It is very easy to get caught up in the hype and excitement of betting which usually leads to losses. For newcomers, it is best to stick to the sports or games that you know and understand. Also, stay in touch with the latest details of these sports and games, meaning do your research. In addition, of course, always be of sound and sober mind when placing your bets.

  1. Plan to win

With any strategy, you have to have a plan for success. If you do not have a structure to your betting, you are going to suffer some serious losses. Planning requires you to be realistic about your chances and potential winnings. Being honest about the probabilities of loss and picking the better odds when placing your bets.

  1. Focus and Diversity

Focus on the games and sports that you know. This will help with Rule #1 and you will have better success with the decisions on your betting. In the author’s opinion, it is best to have a 60/40 split between your focused betting and the rest of your betting spread. Your diversity comes in where you explore the variety of other betting options available to you. Try these options with small and careful bets until you find your “GROOVE” so that you can add these new betting lines to your “KNOWN” betting strategy.

  1. Get Informed & Stay Informed

No man is an island. That saying is very true when it comes to successful betting, the more information you have at your fingertips the better you are able to decide on successful bets. Join the forums and get the newsletters from your betting providers so that you stay in touch with the latest news and information.

  1. Small Consistent Bets

We have all heard the fairy tale of one bet that made big returns. However, they are just that … fairy tales. By making small bets consistently using your strategy properly, you have an exponentially better rate of success. Never bet the farm and never risk everything on one endeavour. Spread the bets across the field and use your information wisely.

  1. Consider all the factors Big & Small

Sports Betting can be affected by many factors. Ensuring that you stay on topic with the various influences on the sport and the gameplay will increase your levels of success. Be mindful of the weather, win/loss stats and the odds on the day before you place your bet on your favourite team or game.

  1. Get the best on offer

Getting best on offer – sounds easy doesn’t? However, how do you get it? You get that by using the functionality and opportunities on offer. This means that you should register on multiple sites and utilise the bonuses and special offers they offer to your benefit. Using different sites, you get different odds and profitable bonus offers and these could increase your winnings significantly. One of the new brands that stands out in the iGaming market is Melbet, a bookmaker which you can learn more about by reading a detailed review on Nostrabet, providing details, such as betting options, available markets and casino solutions.

  1. Play the Underdog as well

Playing the favourites might get you some winnings but you do not get the big wins and you do not play the field. With all the information at your disposal, you could play the underdog and get more percentage for your bets. But this only works if you play it with your mind more than your heart.

  1. Keep your own records

Nobody likes admin but if you want to be successful in betting, you need to know what has worked and what does not. So keep a record of your betting for yourself across all your portals and you will start creating a record of your betting behaviour that will only serve you well into the future.

  1. Trust Yourself – Always

There are so many ways and “tricks” to betting that are being sprouted from every “guru” in the business. In addition, it is often difficult to separate the good from the bad. Even now, you are reading an article on tips that might not suit your betting style completely. However, if you trust yourself and your judgement you will be just fine. Do not be fooled by the hype on a hot tip or be caught up in the success stories that are out there. Many are true but most are just hype. Trust yourself and use your clear-headed judgement before you place your bets.

Final Word

Betting strategies are plentiful and tips for betting will always be updated. Take what you feel comfortable with and make it work for you and don’t be afraid to try a new tip but always stay true to yourself and trust yourself. Sports betting is best done in measurable increments and not in large lumps of high-risk betting. Enjoy the betting without the stress …


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