Guardiola called on Klopp after the final

Manchester City manager Josep Guardiola called Liverpool’s Liverpool colleague Jürgen Klopp in the Champions League final. Merseyside beat Tottenham 2-0 and won the first trophy under the German. In the course of the entire season, Liverpool and Manchester City led a fierce battle for the Premier League title, ultimately “the citizens” became champions with a point in the lead. More than once, Guardiola and Clap have shown tremendous mutual respect, and yesterday the German himself revealed their phone conversation. In it, the big competitors have promised and next season to push each other forward through the fight that will again lead in the Premier League.

Guardiola called on Klopp after the final“A few minutes ago, Pep Guardiola called me on the phone, our physiotherapist Lee Nobles worked for Man City at the beginning of the season but wanted to win the Champions League … no, that’s a joke We promised that we would be kicking again next year “We’ll see if we can win something,” said Clapton.


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