Rooney: United does not need Ronaldo, Ramos or Messi, but young players

Former Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney is determined that the team does not need expensive stars, but young players who can be developed by manager Ole Gunnar Solskjayer.

Rooney: United does not need Ronaldo, Ramos or Messi, but young players“For Ole, the first thing he has to do is try and build the composition. I do not think the attraction of one or two players for over 100 million. pounds will help substantially the composition and the players that are part of it. I think he needs to look for maybe five players who have the potential to be top players but do not pay for the 120-130 million. pounds. I think you give 30-40 million. pounds and then try to develop them, which will also bring you a lasting life and allow you to build a line around the five or six new players that come in addition to those already available.

You can only attract three players – Cristiano Ronaldo, Sergio Ramos, and Lionel Messi or Gareth Bale, for example. It will cost you 300-350 million. pounds. You’ll probably get two years from Ronaldo and a few more from Ramos, and then you’ll be writing off your money. The club needs a new build with younger players. Obviously, however, they must be good enough to allow managers to improve them. I think United fans will understand that they will probably not fight for the Premier League title next year. So let’s give Ole time to build a team in the next two or three years, who will fight not only in the Premier League but also in the Champions League, “Rooney told BBC Five Live.


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