De Laurence: On Monday there will be good news for Napoli fans

Napoleon President Aurelio De Laurentiis promised fans that he would be pleased with good news on Monday. But he did not reveal what they would be.

“If we find the right striker, we will make a sacrifice. The return of Fabio Kualarela would be a matter of love and affection for a Neapolitan who left behind for reasons we know. On Monday I will announce good news for this summer, “said De Laurentiis told Sky Sports Italy.
He also talks about team coach Carlo Ancelotti. “I am loyal, you already know it. If you find a coach you love, you’ll keep him alive, because that makes it all easier. For now, Ancelotti has shown she is an exemplary travel partner and an elegant, cultural and friendly man. With it I can talk about everything, not just about football. Many of our values ​​coincide. The first year served to get used to the Italian climate that lost some time ago. He then had to understand his players and evaluate them. In the summer we will have to work well to find an attacker, “added the president of the Partenope.


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