Bonus Codes – are they worth it and what to have in mind when activating them

Bonus Codes – are they worth it and what to have in mind when activating them

Bonus codes, no matter which betting portal you choose or how you interact with them, website or mobile app – You undoubtedly have received a number of bonus codes from them. However, are these codes really as great as they are advertised or is there some you should just not activate or look at?

Common Bonus Codes

So, let us look at some of the many different types of codes that you get and little more details on each:

  1. Sign-Up Bonuses or Deposit Bonuses

These codes mainly entice the user to sign up or make a deposit on the betting site by offering some kind of reward for speedy action. These codes often come in the form of funds equal to the deposit or even sometimes a combination of free spins and free gameplay on any of the other betting options on the portal. Sign-Up bonuses are offered to the user just for registering on the site or mobile app. A good example of a well-developed application is the bet365 app which can be downloaded and installed on both Android and iOS devices.

  1. Betting Bonuses

Betting bonus codes are given often to users that are “high-rollers”, meaning that they have made a high volume of bets on a specific game or sport via the betting portal. These bonuses will attempt to get the user to make more bets to reach a threshold to activate the bonuses bets. Often these betting bonuses are offered at the point of registering.

  1. Casino and Slots Bonuses

These bonuses codes offer users a variety of bonuses gameplay in the casino. Users signing up for casino betting will enjoy these bonuses as they offer everything from free play to multiple betting bonuses for the casino games and slots.

  1. Insurance Bonuses

These codes are used for new players and they offer the user insurance on the first bets. If the user loses the bet, they will get their bet funding back according to the rules of the bonus codes. These codes are used when the players are completely new to the portal and might need some encouragement to play.

  1. Referral Bonus Codes

As with all portals, the name of the game is a high volume of returning players. Therefore, for each new player, any user refers and that player makes a deposit and plays the referring user gets a bonus to use on the site.

  1. Mobile Bonus Codes

With so many users accessing their betting via mobile devices, betting bookmakers are using bonuses to keep their player-base. With the mobile applications often, having more features than the site itself these bonuses could be very enticing and great for the users.

  1. Sport Specific Codes

These codes are used when bookmakers want to promote a specific sport on their portal. Alternatively, when there is an international sporting event such as the World Cup Soccer Tournament, where betting portals will offer extra bonuses for users betting on the tournament.

  1. Recurring Bonuses

These bonus codes give the user multiple bonuses depending on the volume of play and bets they place. These bonuses can be activated once the various thresholds levels have been met.

  1. Affiliate Bonus Codes

Every betting portal website has many affiliates marketing the bookmaker and their betting portals to the world. The bookmakers will often give the affiliates each their own special code to offer to the users in order to see which affiliate gets the most clients to register.

Terms and Conditions

Although these are the most common bonus codes used across the industry, there are other more specific codes being offered by bookmakers all over. As with all bonuses, there are specific terms and requirements that need to be complied with in order to receive these codes. These conditions come in various shapes as well:

Bonus Code Requirements

  1. Wagering Requirements

Some bonuses require the user to play or wager a certain amount of money of the site before they would receive the specific bonus. The wagering requirements are depended on the type of bets placed and the odds on those bets as well the amounts bet by the user.

  1. Time Limit

In simple terms, some bonus codes require the user to use them in a certain period or to make certain bets within a certain timeframe to receive the bonuses. If the user does not comply with the period limit then the bonus is forfeited.

  1. Location Restrictions

On occasion the betting portal might want to increase their user base in a certain location and to do this they would offer a bonus to users in that specific region or location to increase their client base.

  1. Maximum Bonus Limit

Bookmakers might also place a limit on the total bonus winning the user can get with any particular bonus code. This limit will not apply to your real-world money or winnings.


In answer to the question posed above – Are Bonus codes worth it. The answer is a resounding yes. Bonus codes are designed to improve your playing experience and for those that use them, the rewards are clear. Bookmakers will have different bonus codes available almost every single day and it is up to the user to log in and check to get their codes if they apply.

One way to do this is to get tall the email and application alerts that you can from your bookmaker and so doing be constantly informed whenever a new bonus or special offer is launched.

To answer what you need to keep in mind when using bonus codes, you have to carefully read the terms and conditions that are set for each bonus code offer. They will undoubtedly be different for each one and that is the only way that you will know if the bonus is worthwhile for you individually. Each bookmaker will have their own requirements as listed above and even some unique to the game or event being bet on for the bonuses. Users should always read the fine print and then decide if they want to use the bonus or not.


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