Betting apps – How They Changed the Way we Bet?

Betting apps – How They Changed the Way we Bet?

Not so very long ago, the only way to place your bet on any event was to take a trip down to the local betting shop and go up to the counter with your money in hand and place the bet with the attendant at the counter. That was about 25 years ago, nowadays you tap the screen of your phone or tablet and you place bets in an instant.

Betting has changed a lot in the last 25 years, the introduction of the internet to our lives has made so many things easier and in the process has changed how we do things in our everyday lives. The arrival of the internet as a means of communication allowed people the access to so much more right from the comfort of their living rooms.

Internet – Revolution #1

The first revolution was the internet, since then it is estimated that almost 80% of betting now takes place outside of the traditional betting shops. The connectivity allowed for users to have access to more information such as results and betting options, which has made the user more informed as a result. Betting providers also experienced huge growth as a result of the internet, they gained access to more users and more revenue.

This was the spark that led to the burning inferno of new betting options and wider spreads. Providers increased their offering to their clients which was just what was needed in an industry that was almost at a stalling point. The industry at this point was doing business the same way as it had been done for almost 60 years.

Mobile devices – Revolution #2

The arrival of mobile devices like smart phones and tablets opened up a world of opportunities for both users and providers. The convenience of having a full service device in your pocket made the use of smart devices common place the world over and people started doing everything from these devices. From emails to banking to gaming, everything was done at arm’s length in trains, planes and cars. The need for providers to create application for their betting platforms became top priority.

The betting applications went through the same growth curve as all other new developments in any industry, just a lot faster. The ease of application development made the capability of these applications the new and current growth curve for the betting industry. Betting websites had enormous capability and functionality that became part of the service offering to the users. With the advent of mobile betting applications these functionalities became the next service offering to the users. The growth of the industry meant that users became more informed and required a higher level of interaction from both websites and mobile applications.

Technology developments has made the use of mobile applications a very large part of any betting outlet’s business. In many cases the mobile app allows the user more functionality than the websites. The list with most popular signup promotions this year is topped by Betwinner bonus code for new customers which can be claimed by players residing in a number of countries across the globe.

Market Growth – Revolution #3

Back in the day, the betting shops has a market base that was proximity based. People would go the betting shop that was closest to their homes or offices. The first revolution allowed users to access their betting accounts from their homes or offices, which also gave them access to more betting outlets. This gave the users previously unimaginable access to betting options and multiple betting providers.

This also had a huge impact on the providers as they now had an influx of users that were looking for new, better betting and odds. Providers started offering more bonuses and special offers for new users and ongoing interaction on their websites.

Enter mobile applications – Re-revolution #1

Mobile devices and more precisely mobile betting apps caused a migration of many of the website users to mobile devices. The demand for easy-to-use applications and the competitive nature of the industry resulted in almost daily new bonuses and special offers for users to place their bets on a specific betting app. Betting outlets are now constantly putting out more offers specifically aimed at gaining more application users than they ever did with their websites. This has created an environment for the users where they can take advantage of a new offer almost every day just by using the mobile apps.

The User Wins

New apps and constantly updated betting offers has made the old saying “the house always wins” almost obsolete. App users have become the driving force for the industry where in the past it was driven by the industry itself. Users now enjoy more betting spreads and a host of new betting opportunities than ever before. A key factor in this revolution is the demand for user-friendly experience and on demand betting changes. In the past, once the bet has been placed that was it. Yet, with the internet at first, users had the option to change their bets during live play and now with the betting applications the user has even more access to options.

Users are now able to change bets before and after the game has started and they have access to all the slots and card games they could want right in the palm of their hands.

The Real Change

The real change is how we are now betting via apps. Gone are the days of newspapers or betting reports and in today’s world, users have all the results and betting odds at their fingertips. We now have more information that we ever had and we are able to make more bets with just a few taps (clicks) than ever before. This is truly the age of convenience and the user is on the winning side. The demand user app users place on providers has only benefited the very large user base. There are more diverse betting options, far better user experiences and the best thing of all for users is that betting now has lees risk than ever before. The free bet offers and sign up bonuses has reduced the barrier to entry for users betting via mobile apps.

The great thing about the technology available in betting at the moment is that the revolution is only in its infancy, the real changes and effects of the latest technology is still to come. Crypto betting is only now becoming more commonplace and the effect of this is still to be fully understood and explored.


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