Beginners guide to soccer betting – learn to bet on soccer

Beginners guide to soccer betting – learn to bet on soccer

You might call it soccer or football but itis without a doubt the most popular sport. There are more than
four billion fans after across the globe who cheer on soccer. Some take it a notch higher by betting on
football matches so that they can earn some extra cash from it. If you know about the sport, why not
have it to your advantage? You will be able to better predict events than others, and have a better
probability to win.

The Guide to Getting Started with Betting Online

Are you a newbie in sports betting? Do you want to learn how to bet on soccer? There are some great

However, how do you predict right and avoid losing money on sites like Betway and improve your luck?
Here are beginners guide to soccer betting.

Basic soccer betting terms.

Before you start soccer betting, you must begin by learning the basic terms. Some of them include;

#1. Stake- The amount that you are placing on a game.

#2. Accumulator- a series of single bets which had been combined. If you are to win the wager, then all
the stakes should be correct.

#3. Handicap- A chance that has a favorite and an underdog. For example, a game between
Manchester City vs. Brighton will have Man City as the favorites.

#4. Half time/ Full time – In this case, you are placing two bets; one during half time and another one
during full time. For example, you can predict a draw during half time and the visitors to win during full

#5. Bankroll- The amount of money you have budgeted to place bets.

#6. Double chance – You predict the outcome by choosing two variables. For instance, the home team to
win or a draw.

#7. Over and Under – This refers to predicting the number of goals to be scored during the match. For
instance, over and under 2.5, goals is the most common

#8. Singles – These are bets which you place on their own and are not affected by other wagers as in
accumulator bets.

Beginner soccer betting tips.

#1. Place your head in the game.

When you are placing a wager don't bet because you love the team but because they have a chance to
win. A lot of punters lose wagers because they gamble with their hearts instead of their heads.

#2. Don't be greedy.

It can be tempting to add more bets on your accumulator with the prospect of earning a higher payout.
The truth of the matter is one bet can ruin your chances of winning because you were greedy.

#3. Manage your bankroll.

This is an essential tip which you will come across on any gambling platform. If you have a budget on the
amount, you can wager it will keep you on toes from overspending. You must practice some level of
discipline even when you're losing. In this case, learn to walk away when the odds are not in your favor.


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